The Gamepiece as a Confession of Human Brutality

A still life painting is mostly thought to concern itself with inanimate objects such as household furniture and implements, or food items like fruit and bottles of wine. Yet animals also find their way into still life, often in the tradition of the ‘game piece’. Continue reading

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The Hidden Movement in Still Life Art

Although still life art traditionally depicts inanimate subjects for the purpose of admiration, observation and, for some, even meditation around the subject matter of the work, there are many examples where hidden movement is also suggested in the piece. Continue reading

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A Moment in Time: What Can Still Life Paintings Tell Us?

Some of us may think of still life paintings and remember sitting in an art class at school staring at a bowl of fruit, but that’s not the real story. Still life paintings can be incredible snapshots of a moment in time, before the age of the photograph and after. Continue reading

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Escape With 20th Century Still Life Paintings

Artists are often thought of as mirrors on the world around them, reflecting their time and society. With 20th century still life paintings however, artists used their works as a means to offer escape. Continue reading

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Making the Ordinary Extraordinary: 20th Century Still Life Paintings

Even to the most discerning art collector, the words ‘still life’ still represent a large body of work produced before the 20th century. Flowers, fruit and similar themes dominated the artists’ choice of subject. Talented still life artists who painted later in the 1900s are in turn often overshadowed by their more renowned contemporaries in Europe. Continue reading

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The True Value Behind Interior Paintings

Nowadays, we are used to seeing photographs of pristine, stylish interiors; magazines are dedicated to such images, social media is packed with inspirational home design pages and Pinterest provides a platform in which these ideas can be shared and saved for future use. Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Artwork for Your Home

Artwork can make a huge difference to the feel of your home, and getting it right is key. Not only is it an aesthetic consideration, but a lot of the time it is also an investment. With hundreds of styles of art available, with all kinds of genre and movements explored, knowing what is right for your home can be tricky – even if you feel yourself drawn to particular pieces.

Continue reading

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Buying 20th Century Still Life Paintings: An Aesthetic Guide

When you’re making an investment in a 20th-century still life painting, it can be hard to narrow down your selection. There are so many fantastic artists from the last century, and so many art movements to embrace, that a helping hand can be invaluable to strike the right balance when choosing and hanging your piece. Here are some of the main aesthetic points you need to consider. Continue reading

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The Birds and the Beasts: Messages Beneath the Mundane

Art tells a story. No matter what form it takes, it is born from the creativity and imagination of an inspired soul and there is a message to be read, an ethos or essence to convey. The artist pours hours of effort and talent into creating something that is not just beautiful, but fundamental to them: to their experiences, memories, passions… Continue reading

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Symbolism in Still Life Painting

On the surface, symbolism and still life painting seem like something of an oxymoron. Can flora and fauna or man-made items like drinking glasses and jewellery really have a deeper meaning when they are so commonplace in the world? At first glance, the inanimate subject matter might not appear to mean very much at all. Continue reading

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