Choosing the Right Artwork for Your Home

Artwork can make a huge difference to the feel of your home, and getting it right is key. Not only is it an aesthetic consideration, but a lot of the time it is also an investment. With hundreds of styles of art available, with all kinds of genre and movements explored, knowing what is right for your home can be tricky – even if you feel yourself drawn to particular pieces.

Finding What’s Right for You…

Choosing original art is a very personal decision, but there are also some universal considerations that you can make. Firstly, what type of art are you after – do you want it to be photography, sculpture or painting? If it is the latter, what sort of space are you seeking to fill and will it be able to hang appropriately?

Size limitations can have a key influence on what you pick and whether the room can actually accommodate what you’re interested in buying. You need to have some free space around the artwork to allow it to breathe, and ensuring it is not in direct sunlight is also important in helping to maintain the quality of the piece.

Considering Your Space…

It is also important to look at the style of your surroundings. If your home is particularly modern and minimalist, a bold and colourful abstract piece such as “Cubist still life with vodka bottle” by Viktor Kaplan would look most appropriate.

While in a traditional library space, 19th century still life paintings or “The worn leather chair (Errol’s chair)” by Stephen Rose would be particularly fitting – both in terms of the classic painting style but also the object in the artwork being similar to that found in a study.

What’s inside counts just as much…

If you’re looking at purchasing an interior painting, such as “Interior in Overførstegaarden, Denmark” by Adolf Heinrich Hansen, it is important to consider whether the interior being shown within the picture complements the surroundings it will be held in. Are the colours and patterns flowing and cohesive? Is the style similar to that of your own home?

Ask the Right Questions…

Equally important as what the image contains is the background and context that surrounds it. Do you know much about the artist? It is often possible to find extensive biographical information, as shown with all our paintings, and this can play a key part in the value of a piece of artwork.

How rare is the piece? Are there any other similar artworks around? How in-demand is the artist? Are they still alive? What are their other artworks valued at? Ultimately, whatever choice you make, it is about finding enjoyment in your chosen artwork – and regardless of anything else, knowing you love what you’ve picked is key.

Get in Touch…

If you think you’ve found the piece for you in Mark Mitchell’s collection of 19th-21st century British & continental fine art or want to ask us more questions about any of our artists, contact us today.

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