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The Art of Conversation

There are far fewer examples of paintings that depict the spoken word between subjects than those which capture the moments of silence that engulf them. Perhaps this is due to the wider time frame that momentary silence offers, or the … Continue reading

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The Art of Graffiti

In recent years more and more people have taken a shine to the art of sneaking around at night and painting your chosen image onto brick walls. From palaeolithic cave paintings to Banksy, the art of graffiti has been pretty … Continue reading

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The Importance of Life Drawing in Art

Different artists have different focuses when it comes to creating their artwork; whether it be still life, sea or landscape or even portraiture. No matter what art style an artist specialises in, life drawing – or figure drawing as it … Continue reading

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The Ludovici family

Original bookplate for A. Ludovici, An artist’s life in London and Paris 1870-1925, 1926, with the coat of arms of the Ludovici family The members of the Ludovici clan were international in their roots, their lives and their education, and … Continue reading

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Japonisme, japonaiserie and chinoiserie

Victor Fontaine (1837-84), Guéridon fleuri The collecting of oriental works of art is an activity with a relatively long history in Britain. Chinese and Japanese artefacts had been eagerly acquired by English connoisseurs from the 17th century onwards: see, for … Continue reading

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The art of the dance

Robert Duckworth Greenham, Tango Final of British Championship, Blackpool, 1969, s. & d. 1970 Robert Greenham’s painting of this dancing competition can safely be called an eye-catcher. The viewpoint is defined by the velvet sill curving across the lower right-hand … Continue reading

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