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Why Still Life Paintings Are Still Glorious

What’s the connection between books, bottles, food, flowers and dead animals? The answer is that all have been popular subjects for still life paintings over many centuries.

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Painting Restoration: What and Who?

Art is a wide, wonderful and sometimes weird world, from expressionist masterpieces to stunningly accurate still life paintings; there is a plethora of different avenues and ginnels to explore. The longevity of a piece of art can vary wildly, and … Continue reading

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Important Artistic Movements: Romanticism

Important Artistic Movements: Romanticism After having recently looked at the Baroque era of art, it is now, only pertinent that we explore the early 19th century movement of Romanticism and how this influenced the world of art – providing a … Continue reading

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Photorealism: A Brief History

Taken at face value, the term ‘photorealism’ probably seems pretty self explanatory; these are paintings and other works of art, which reproduce images as realistically as a photograph could be expected to. However, scratch beneath the surface a little and … Continue reading

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The Connotations of Colour

  When looking for European paintings for sale there are a number of  features to a painting to consider. One of the most dominant features of a piece of artwork, however,  is colour. In the grand scheme of art, colour … Continue reading

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Art of an Island Nation

What is British art? It is an exceedingly difficult question to answer; perhaps in part because any definition of what it is to be “British” is so complex. Should we consider only artwork by British-born artists? Then we exclude famous … Continue reading

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Important Artistic Movements: Baroque

Throughout history, art in all of its forms has been in a constant state of flux, changing moment by moment but always capturing something of the age and the artist. Despite this constant change though, there are marked events, or … Continue reading

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Painting the Horizon

In perspective-based art, the horizon is one of the most important considerations; it is the line towards which all other things in the piece are oriented in order to create a natural, realistic appearance. Rather than being the horizon as … Continue reading

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The Human Figure in Art

Throughout history, humans have been fascinated by the human form and have displayed this interest through the use of art. Just about every artist from Pablo Picasso to Michelangelo has explored the complexity and beauty of the human figure, but … Continue reading

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New acquisition – Bernard Finegan Gribble (1873 – 1962) ‘Elegant woman in a plumed hat’

The painting I would like to review this week is the stunning Edwardian portrait we have recently acquired by the late English artist, Bernard Finegan Gribble. Having recently exhibited at The Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair at Olympia, this picture … Continue reading

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