Important Artistic Movements: Baroque

Throughout history, art in all of its forms has been in a constant state of flux, changing moment by moment but always capturing something of the age and the artist. Despite this constant change though, there are marked events, or rather movements, throughout art history that seem to become the style of the time.

One of the most influential movements throughout the 16th and 17th century was known as the Baroque movement.

Key Elements

With increases in trade routes, the world was becoming an ever smaller place and inevitably, as different cultures and religions collided, tensions grew. Add to this the fact that the foundations of modern science were beginning to take shape and you have a world that was changing quickly and the established order was disappearing

The Baroque painting style seemed to recognise how influential this age was and seek to capture it in exquisite and painstaking detail.

Important Artists

As with every major artistic movement there are certain artists that are inexorably tied to them and forever associated with them. Artists from the baroque movement include;

  • Caravaggio
  •  Frans Hals
  • Meindert Hobbema
  • Pieter de Hooch
  • Rembrandt
  • Diego Velasquez

Of all these artists, Caravaggio arguably had the most impact and truly moved the art world forward the most. His use of chiaroscurism and hyperrealism coupled with his contentious subject matter ensured that he remains an inspiration to this day.

Influence on the Art World

The Baroque movement has had a drastic and sustained impact on the art world that can be seen as clearly in modern day artworks as in any other age. One of the most impressive and in demand forms of art at the moment is hyperrealism which takes into account the tiniest of details and committing them to canvas.

Modern artists such as Simon Henessey and Laura Quinn are the perfect example of this hyper realistic style being passed down the ages and becoming almost more than photographic. Other factors such as chiaroscuro are beginning to become a huge factor in artists creating paintings that have real attitude and are able to convey  mood.

Here at Mark Mitchell, we love to trace the history of today’s art and see the influences and movements reflected in the art that we see and the art that we sell. With a constantly changing and evolving supply of art including portraits and landscape paintings it is always fascinating to see them as a culmination of history.

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