Why Original Art is a Great Investment

It’s a commonly held belief that you have to be rich to own your own original artworks. It isn’t true – you can buy gorgeous original pieces of art at all price points – and an investment in an original artwork is one which could pay real dividends in the future.


Keeping Costs Down

If you’d like to own an original artwork but it feels like it’s out of your budget, take a look at some works by smaller local artists. It’s often possible to pick up works for a steal that are only likely to grow in value over the time that you own them.

You can also look for numbered prints; often cheaper than buying the original piece of art, they’re nonetheless produced in a limited, numbered run and therefore will retain their value relatively well. A print may also be easier to care for and store than, for instance, an oil painting.


Short Term Value

The biggest short-term value of a piece of art is its aesthetic value – unlike another investment which might sit in a bank account earning interest, you get to display your investment proudly for all to see.

There’s no other type of investment that you can enjoy being around every day without it losing value – jewellery or classic cars can be damaged by use, but a painting or artwork should be fine, hung on your wall.


Long Term Value

As long as you’ve invested wisely, your art will increase with value, and whether you choose to sell it in a decade or 50 years, you’ll often get much more for it than you paid. Of course, the aesthetic value might outweigh that, and you might decide to keep your original artwork for the rest of your life!


Buy Original Art

Are you looking for a piece of original art to hang in your home? Take a look at the beautiful pieces we have available by artists including Martin Swan, Stephen Rose and George Weissbort. If you’re interested in seeing a work in person or finding out more about what we do, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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