Five of the Most Iconic Paintings of the 20th Century

Paintings have been around since the days of prehistoric cave paintings by early man; it’s a way to express ourselves and tell a story in a way that words just can’t express. Throughout the history of painting as an art form, there have been several revolutionary paintings that sparked new art movements or invoked a new way of thinking about the world. We’ve compiled five of these revolutionary works of art for you.


Paul Cézanne – Mont Sainte-Victoire (1902)

At the infancy of the 20th-century, this masterpiece of complexity mirroring innovation was created by the famous painter Cézanne. A beautiful mountain with each brush stroke tells its own story as it sits with the greatest intellectual revolutions of the time to mirror true innovation in beauty, picking apart the process of simply looking and revealing a whole new world of complexities laid out in experience.


Pablo Picasso – Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907)

Picasso is known for his beautiful paintings, but Les Demoiselles d’Avignon is an endlessly provocative masterpiece based on the ‘primitive’ paintings he was inspired by while painting. Erupting flesh from blue crystal cavern and masks as faces, the shapes are bursting out of the normal confines of space, while the jagged edges and seemingly endless flow translate into a sort of divine madness bursting with surrealism before there was a surrealism movement.


Henri Matisse – The Dance (1909-1910)

The Dance is the painting of a revolution. Never seen before, this abstract blaze of figure painting from primitive passions becomes a timeless classic of sophistication masked with wildness. A whole new way of painting, this timeless masterpiece is a revolution to the abstract movement and a tribute to all of art history.

Georges Braque – Man With a Guitar (1911-1912)

Man With a Guitar was created back when Braque and Picasso were exploring a whole new universe of art, creating something never seen before – cubism. Cubism is anarchy at its finest, the rejection of conventional art and even of the expectations that art should portray the visible surfaces of our world and life. Cubism portrays perceptions rather than reality, giving it a wonderful and rich history.


Kazimir Malevich – Black Square (1915)

Incredibly simple and with an extreme sense of bafflement and wonderment married together, the Black Square portrays exactly what its title suggests. An unforgettable icon of its time, the black square symbolised some unnamed revolution of a somewhat religious vision.

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