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The Human Element in Landscape Paintings

When it comes to landscape paintings, many are depicted as wholly natural themes with a subject matter that is entirely natural; this is known as pure landscape art, however, there are also many that contain a human element. So, this … Continue reading

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The Characteristics of Coastal Art

In our previous article, we asked the question; ‘why do we love the landscape?‘ – which explored exactly what it is about the landscape that we, as humans are drawn to about this type of art. What we didn’t look … Continue reading

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Why Do We Love the Landscape?

For thousands of years, the human race has been hooked by landscape art whatever the medium, although it only become a recognised genre of art in the late 15th century. There’s something special about landscape paintings; they somehow provide us … Continue reading

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The Connotations of Weather in Art

The weather has been a source of inspiration for artists throughout time, especially when considering landscape paintings. Here the main focus of the piece is often nature such as woodlands, rivers, and the coast. Of course, the weather is a … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Landscape Painting

Today, landscape paintings are created with a variety of characteristics; from painterly abstract styles, to vividly realistic; it is safe to say that the spectrum is incredibly broad. The evolution of landscape paintings is certainly interesting, you would have thought … Continue reading

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Vanessa Garwood: abstraction, reality and imagination

 Vanessa Garwood, Self-portrait One of our up-&-coming young artists, Vanessa Garwood was trained at the Charles Cecil Studios in Florence. She studied painting and sculpture, and later served a three-month sculpture apprenticeship in South Africa. This awareness of form in … Continue reading

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The Ludovici family

Original bookplate for A. Ludovici, An artist’s life in London and Paris 1870-1925, 1926, with the coat of arms of the Ludovici family The members of the Ludovici clan were international in their roots, their lives and their education, and … Continue reading

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Terry Watts: art, nature and the Romantic

The Romantic movement in art grew out of an increased interest in the sublime and in picturesque notions of nature in the late 18th century. Before that, anything beyond the walls of the estate or garden had been regarded as … Continue reading

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Superb artist – George Weissbort

George Weissbort (1928-) encapsulates precisely what Mark Mitchell Paintings & Drawings is all about and is the very reason why I set up this company –  to bring back into the spotlight talented and highly trained artists who have often been … Continue reading

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New Acquisition by Edward Wesson (1910-1983)

This is another gem from the late British artist, Edward Wesson. His subject matter normally consists of painting the East Anglian empty skies, (of which we have five other pictures of). Instead here he’s focused on the buildings and monuments(including … Continue reading

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