Superb artist – George Weissbort

George Weissbort (1928-) encapsulates precisely what Mark Mitchell Paintings & Drawings is all about and is the very reason why I set up this company –  to bring back into the spotlight talented and highly trained artists who have often been overshadowed by their more fashionable contemporaries.

The first painting we bought by George,”Still life with cobnuts and a pitcher”(see below), was sold within a week of buying it to an esteemed Fine Art dealer for his very own private collection.

Since then I have been unable to locate anymore works by this artist until quite recently a life long friend of his suggested I should meet him. On arriving at his beautiful countryside house in Gloucestershire, I immediately felt like a small child in a candy shop unable to take my eyes off the walls, for there hung a mesmerising combination oflandscapefigureinterior and still lifes that were painted in a variety of different styles that it was hard to believe they were all by the same artist. I immediately decided to purchase as many as I possibly could, taking the rest on consignment and am now planning to put on a “Still life and Interiors” exhibition with George’s works headlining it this November at our Mayfair gallery (who I share with my father, European antique picture frame dealer, Paul Mitchell). I also plan to take a number of his pictures to the upcoming BADA art fair situated at the Duke of York Square, just off Sloane Square. For anyone who would like to receive tickets / invitations to any of these, please email me on

Below are further examples of works by George;

Belgian born, he moved to London and attended the Central School of Art & Design. He was taught by Bernard Meninsky to study the Old Masters  – turning first to artists such as Cézanne and Matisse where their influence is quite apparent in his paintings to then go further back to Masters of the Renaissance; Vermeer, Chardin, Velasquez, Corot and Titain.

He’s exhibited regularly throughout his life at the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and the Fine Art Society.

George is also a serious academic on the subject of art, having written essays on Lucien Freud, Vermeer etc..

For full biography, please visit his pages on my website.



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  1. Peter says:

    I absolutely love the middle picture – it looks like you could pick one of the tomatoes right off the table. The textures represented are wonderful.

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