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Dealers in 19th-20th Century British and Continental Works of Art

The Art of the Arboreal

The tree is perhaps one of the most powerful symbols possible, evoking meaning and emotion in cultures across the world. From the symbolism of the olive branch to that of the mighty oak, from the Tree of Knowledge in the … Continue reading

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Is Lighting Important in Fine Art?

The lighting of a subject in a piece of art is often one of the most important aspects of the composition. From still life to portraiture, lighting brings a tone and depth to a piece, no matter what the subject … Continue reading

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The Importance of Life Drawing in Art

Different artists have different focuses when it comes to creating their artwork; whether it be still life, sea or landscape or even portraiture. No matter what art style an artist specialises in, life drawing – or figure drawing as it … Continue reading

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The Art of Collecting Art

Why does one collect art? There is a difference between simply buying art and collecting art. Buying art is the basic act of purchasing a picture you like simply because you like it and it will go with your décor; … Continue reading

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Artist in Profile: George Weissbort

It is always interesting to take a look back on the lives of some of the artists who have contributed their incredible work to the art world. Not every artist starts out living the same lifestyle, and it can often … Continue reading

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Stephen Rose and the Ephemera of Contemporary Life

Each artist develops a specific style that can be instantly recognised, and Stephen Rose is no exception. His work focuses on the still life of ephemeral objects, a fleeting nature that appeals to the inner artist in all of us, … Continue reading

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Push Your Painting Boundaries

Like Rome, a great painting isn’t produced in a day. The care and precision the artist takes in bringing their masterpiece alive takes time, patience and a great deal of practice. Before settling on a single painting technique, artists are … Continue reading

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Season’s Greetings from Mark Mitchell

The month of December is drawing to a close and Christmas is finally upon us, which paints scenes of families and friends gathering round dinner tables and opening presents together, sharing in the festive season. Here at Mark Mitchell, we … Continue reading

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Art of the Seasons

Many artists throughout the centuries have drawn their inspiration from nature. From landscapes to still life paintings, nature offers an endlessly changing and always fascinating subject. The seasons, of course, provide some of the most noticeable changes in the natural … Continue reading

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The Role of the Art Dealer

The artist sets brush to canvas; the collector hangs a finished piece proudly on the wall of their home or gallery. What happens between these two moments is often obscure to those outside the artistic community. As an art dealer … Continue reading

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