New acquisition – Théophile De Bock

One our recently acquired works is by the late 19th Century Dutch landscape painter, Théophile De Bock.

THEOPHILE DE BOCK (1851-1904) "A country Lane"

This painting is typical of his landscapes; decorative, restrained in colour, and demonstrating a vision tempered by romanticism.

Born in the Hague in 1851, he trained at the Hague School and then moved to Barbizon in the Forest of Fontainebleau where he was influenced by the works of Corot, Millet and Théodore Rousseau which are evident in this picture.

Life highlights included winning medals in exhibitions throughout Europe including the 1989 Exposition Universille, with works in public collections such as The Hague Museum of Fine Arts, The Tate and The National Gallery.

He was also a close friend of the late still life, figure and landscape painter Vincent Van Gogh and is mentioned in his letters to brother Theo.

Please click here if you would like to view his full biography.

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