So here I am, Excitingly, packing up my Art Collection for the LAPADA Fair in Berkeley Square… I have prepared a Map (so as not to get lost on the way), as it’s at least – ooh, Several Hundred Yards away from the Gallery, and I do not wish want to tire my Trusty Steed. I have also made several copies of the Map (or, at least, my Private Secretary has done so), and given them to the Carter’s Men, who will be following behind with my precious Paintings safely swathed in linen and sacking.

The Way to Berkeley Square from Avery Row: the Map courtesy of

I have shown at nine Fairs so far, but this is my first Appearance at LAPADA (or the London and Provincial Antique Dealerf’ Afsociation, as it is more familiarly known). I am a Member of this August Body (obviously, not a Provincial one, but of course they are very welcoming to those who have travelled to the Capital from as far away as Hertfordshire and even Cumberland). Those who are venturing here from more Rural Parts will find themselves very much at home, since Berkeley Square is a very Green Place, and large Trees obtrude themselves into the pavilions of the Fair, striking up through the Canvas Ceilings in a most picturesque Fashion.

 A  Berkeley Tree

I have prepared in my usual Meticulous Manner by having my Joiner construct a small model of my Booth to one-tenth of the scale. He has also produced small Facsimiles of the Paintings, which I have hung upon the model until satisfied that I have lighted upon the most Harmonious and Aesthetically Pleasing arrangement. I have also examined minutely the spectrum of paint colours supplied by Master Dulux, and have taken advice from Messrs Robert and James Adam, whose use of Colour in decoration is Exemplary. My Joiner has also assisted me with the lighting, as one must supply one’s own candelabra, girandoles and torchères for the illumination of one’s Booth.


Here is a very clever Panorama of the LAPADA Fair, which you may click upon, and which seems to move in the most Entertaining Fashion.

Master Stephen Rose, The worn Leather Chair

The Paintings which I intend to exhibit in the pavilions will include works by those dashing and brilliant Artists, Messrs Stephen Rose and Terry Watts, as well as Pictures from the Hand of Master George Weissbort, who sadly departed this life earlier in the year, and is Greatly Mourned for his many talents.

Master George Weissbort, An Arrangement with a Jar of Peppers…

I invite all those of you who care for the Arts to visit me in the resort of Berkeley Square, to refresh your spirits by the contemplation (and, who knows, by the purchase) of many delightful Works in Oil Paint, Water Colour and Chalks, and to make merry in the Greenwood Pavilions.

Master Terry Watts, Wire across the field









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