Art as an Investment

It seems the financial markets have less returns to offer investors every passing year, with interest rates plummeting and investment funds becoming an increasingly volatile way to save your money. However, there is another avenue to invest in that doesn’t depend as much on unstable financial markets and bank interest rates and that is art.

Indeed, there was £37 billion made on the art market last year, a 7% increase from the previous year. A good piece of art will appreciate steadily in value over the years, while providing decoration and beauty to the owner. As with any other investment, the art market can fluctuate and you are not guaranteed to recoup your investment, but choose wisely and consult an expert before buying and you could make high returns without ever having to put any cash in the bank.

What should you invest in?

Firstly, invest in a piece you actually like. This may seem obvious, but there’s no point buying a painting to have it sit in a cupboard for years until you are ready to sell. A piece like Georges Feldkirchener’s Study of a Fawn is subtle and will look good in any home, while hopefully appreciating in value.


Study of a fawn

For the more risk inclined, a good investment would be this beautiful Nude by Stephen Rose. A good nude never goes out of style, the human form being the one constant in an ever evolving world, a simplistic image that illuminates the human condition and makes us feel at one with our emotions and nature.


Nude, standing, looking left

Whatever your choice, a good art specialist is important, which is why at Mark Mitchell we aim to leave every customer satisfied and with a beautiful piece of work that will make them a tidy profit someday.

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