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As the 13th Armory Show draws to a close in New York, to an almost universal chorus of optimism and faith in the re-emergence of the art market from the clouds of recession, we are launching our blog… We would like to assert the same confident spirit in the strength of the British art market, and to celebrate our clients’ wish to invest their emotions, their passions and their money in an area which will bring far more fruitful returns than an investment in stocks and shares.

The artists we support are the unjustly neglected, extremely talented painters of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the odd (but equally talented) living artist. We specialize in British and European art, with a particular interest in the Belgian and Scandinavian schools. And everything we sell is appropriately framed, in carefully chosen, craftsman-made replicas of salon and artists’ frames of the correct period.

Here’s to a burgeoning and artistic spring!

Howey - Still life with daffodils

A breath of spring by the Staithes Group artist, John Howey.

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Dealers in 19th-20th Century British and Continental Works of Art
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  1. Brilliant Mark. It is so refreshing to read your ideas and your passion and talent comes across in spades. We are so proud of you. You clearly have the vision that can teach us all so much and representing artists who we can all appreciate thanks to your uncovering them is so wonderful. Great job Mark!

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