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The Importance of Life Drawing in Art

Different artists have different focuses when it comes to creating their artwork; whether it be still life, sea or landscape or even portraiture. No matter what art style an artist specialises in, life drawing – or figure drawing as it … Continue reading

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The Ludovici family

Original bookplate for A. Ludovici, An artist’s life in London and Paris 1870-1925, 1926, with the coat of arms of the Ludovici family The members of the Ludovici clan were international in their roots, their lives and their education, and … Continue reading

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Japonisme, japonaiserie and chinoiserie

Victor Fontaine (1837-84), Guéridon fleuri The collecting of oriental works of art is an activity with a relatively long history in Britain. Chinese and Japanese artefacts had been eagerly acquired by English connoisseurs from the 17th century onwards: see, for … Continue reading

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The art of the dance

Robert Duckworth Greenham, Tango Final of British Championship, Blackpool, 1969, s. & d. 1970 Robert Greenham’s painting of this dancing competition can safely be called an eye-catcher. The viewpoint is defined by the velvet sill curving across the lower right-hand … Continue reading

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