Vanessa Garwood (1982 - )

Spain: Trees & shadows

Oil on board 30.5 x 25.7 x 60cm; signed with monogram

Overall framed size 35.9 x 30.8cm

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This small landscape study opens onto a surprisingly complex interior of receding spaces separated by groups of trees and undergrowth, like the flats from a stage set. This sense of a maze-like perspective is undercut by the abstract qualities of tree foliage, bushes and flowers; these patches of colour create a lively tension with the layered spaces of the wood, within which strong contrasts of light and shade shimmer and vibrate.

Biographical details

Vanessa Garwood was born in Israel in 1982. She studied painting and sculpture for three years at Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, and now lives and works in London.  Training in the ‘sight-size’ technique in Italy has served as a foundation to build her own method of working; this has resulted in a much more flexible style.  She has spent time painting and sculpting abroad in Europe, Africa and South America, and has also undertaken a three-month sculpture apprenticeship with the South African sculptor Dylan Lewis in Stellenbosch. She produces work from life in many different genres and media: figurative portraits and conversation pieces, nudes, landscapes in oil, bronze and plaster sculptures, works on paper in charcoal, pen, ink. She is currently working on a series of subject paintings inspired by stories and fables, which she remakes in contemporary style; her sources include Aesop’s Fables, Beatrix Potter, and Struwwelpeter.

Works in public exhibitions include an entry in the 2006 BO Award at the National Portrait Gallery, which won the Visitors’ Choice Award.